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Internet Studies

In the future, the Biblical College for Arab Leaders intends to offer the same courses for study on the Internet, making full use of multi-media capabilities. Our vision is not only to offer our courses online in Arabic, but to have the website itself in Arabic. We are presently working to make this a reality, although it is going to take some time before we have this option ready. When ready, however, this will enable any Arabic-speaking student to take the same courses online that are taken by other students in live groups. Although being part of a dynamic small-group that studies and interacts together is the best way to take the courses, being able to take them online does have advantages:
• This is ideal for those who do not live geographically close enough to participate in a study group with other students.

• This allows students living in restrictive situations to study in private, when they might not otherwise be able to meet publicly in a group.

• Students taking the courses online can work at their own pace and according to their own schedule. This is particularly helpful for those who have full-time jobs.

When the Internet platform in Arabic is ready, this will open up multiple options for students to study with the courses offered by BCAL. (1) Students can sign up and take a course directly online for credit; (2) some courses will be facilitated online, which means that a student can sign up to be part of an online class that studies together; and (3) courses can be downloaded in PDF format for a student to print out and work through for personal enrichment.

We will make an announcement when the Internet site used by BCAL is ready.