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Information Regarding Enrollment

The Biblical College for Arab Leaders (BCAL) offers three programs of study at the bachelor level:

• Program for Advanced Discipleship (14 credit hours)

• Certificate in Christian Leadership (An additional 18 credit hours for a total of 32)

• Diploma in Biblical Studies (An additional 32 credit hours for a total of 64)

Each of these programs can be taken for degree status or non-degree status. In order to take our programs for degree status, the prospective student must meet certain requirements (including a Tawjihi Certificate) and make formal application to BCAL. Non-degree students can take the same programs, but will not receive an official degree from BCAL. They will, however, receive recognition for successful completion of the program (upon graduation, they will receive an “Award of Recognition” rather than a formal degree).

Instructions for Applying

If you are interested in enrolling as a student with the Biblical College for Arab Leaders, you are kindly requested to fill out an Application Form (see link below to download). All the instructions for filling out the application are on the form itself. When you have finished filling out the application, you will need to submit the form and any accompanying documents to a local leader for BCAL in your country. If you are unsure whom to submit the form to, you are welcome to write an email to the following address, and we will be glad to assist you in the process.

For Help in applying, write: mee.paul@gmail.com

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