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Course Descriptions

One-to-One - This is a very basic discipleship course for new believers to acquaint them with some of the most fundamental aspects of the Christian faith and to help them establish a walk with God. This course has a secondary purpose of putting a tool into the student’s hands that he can take and use to disciple others with.

Following the Master - This course is designed as a sequel to One2One and takes the commitment to discipleship to the next level. In this course, the student makes a survey study of the Gospel of Mark while focusing on two major issues: (1) who is Jesus?, and (2) what does it really mean to be His disciple? Many of the study questions were written with Arab believers in mind.

Sharing the Love of Christ / Discipleship - This course is designed to help the student understand the tremendous love that God has for those outside of Christ and how to best communicate the biblical message to others in culturally appropriate ways. This course also helps the student to understand the importance of becoming a committed and growing disciple of Christ who, in turn, can disciple other Christians.

Galatians and Introduction to the Apostle Paul - This is an in-depth study of the Book of Galatians, designed to acquaint the student with important doctrines such as justification by faith, the believer’s struggle with the flesh, and how to find victory through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. The course also introduces the student to the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul.

Training for Multiplication - This course is designed to teach the student how to facilitate courses to others in a small group setting. This is introduced early in one’s studies, so that he can catch the vision for discipling and training others (and begin to do so).

The Christian Life - This course takes twelve of the most important issues related to living the Christian life and develops them systematically by an in-depth analysis. The student learns what it means to grow in Christ and what he should do to pursue this goal.

Studying the Bible - This course is an in-depth study of the principles one should follow in studying the Bible. The course helps the student understand what to do at each of the three main stages of study: observation, interpretation and application. Learning to study the Bible correctly is the essential foundation for teaching the Bible to others.

The Book of Colossians - In this course the student takes the principles learned in “Studying the Bible” and practices the method with the Book of Colossians. One must complete “Studying the Bible” first before taking this course.

Christian Marriage - This course enables the student to carefully study God’s plan for marriage from a biblical perspective. Anyone engaged in Christian ministry needs to have a healthy marriage, and this course helps lay the foundation for that.

Christian Family - This course enables the student to carefully study the biblical principles for raising children and having a Christ-centered home for the family. Children today are under enormous assault from the non-Christian world, and every Christian parent needs help to raise children for God’s glory.

Equip Leadership Courses 1 and 2 - These are the first two courses in a longer series developed by the Equip ministry of John Maxwell, dealing with character issues and instruction for becoming a successful leader. [Note: all six of the Equip courses are available in Arabic, although we have historically only used the first two courses in our program. But the others are available].

The Book of Romans - This is an in-depth study of the Book of Romans. This builds on the earlier course on Galatians by leading the student through a study of what is commonly regarded as the pinnacle of Paul’s theology, the Book of Romans.

Church Dynamics - This is a course that leads the student in a study of the biblical view of what a church should be and what it should be doing. Attention is given to developing leadership in the church and the principles that make for a healthy and growing church.

Reading Project – The student will be assigned 400 pages of selected material to read related to ministry in the Arab world.

Written Project – This involves the development of a personal “Ministry Plan” that must be submitted in writing.

Life of Christ 1 and 2 - These two courses survey the complete life of Christ through an in-depth study of the gospels. If becoming “like Christ” is the goal of every believer, then to carefully study the life of the Master is one of the most worthwhile pursuits one can make.

Survey of Doctrine 1 and 2 - In these two courses, the student studies through all the major areas of systematic theology beginning with a study of “theology proper” (the doctrine of God). Each area of doctrine is presented from a general evangelical perspective, and students are challenged to come to their own convictions.

The Book of Daniel - This course enables the student the opportunity to study one of the most important books of the Old Testament. Daniel’s character―his life of integrity―is a beautiful example of how a believer can live in the midst of an ungodly society. The prophetic revelations given in the book are essential for one to correctly understand further revelation given in the New Testament about the future.

The Book of Hebrews - This course provides the student an opportunity to study one of the most profound books of the New Testament. No book does more to exalt the person of Christ. The student will learn the importance of living a life of enduring faith in light of the rewards that await faithful believers in the future kingdom of Christ.

Worshiping God in the Psalms - This course—focusing on one of the most treasured books of the Old Testament—is designed to acquaint the student with the Book of Psalms. The student learns how to study the psalms (in light of their poetic nature), and the student learns to worship God in a deeper way. If the worship of God is the highest goal of the Christian life, the Book of Psalms is one of the most important studies for every believer to undertake.

Arab World Apologetics - [This course has not yet been developed]

Church History-Middle East - [This course has not yet been developed]

New Testament Survey - This course is a general survey of all the books of the New Testament, helping the student to understand the historical setting of each book, when and why they were written, the overall plan and outline of each book, and the major teachings that each book contributes.

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